1. Wireless Technology
With freely using of wide band and narrow band in low frequency band, our technology remove the interharmonic phenomenon among frequencies. It is possible for us to embody the duplex communication of sound and data under Frequency Hopping method in the 2.4GHz.

2. SoC
Wireless Audio Transmission Chip and Module is SoC and module of Low Latency wireless audio transmitter and receiver for sending and receiving 5.1 channel audio stream wirelessly on UWB band.

- Used Multi-Level Wireless Audio Enhancement technique for wirelessly sending and receiving multi-channel wireless audio of over DVD grade without loss of audio quality using UWB frequency band with less radio wave interfere than wireless LAN and developed the related technique that audio exclusive wireless communication PHY/MAC standard etc. suited for UWB band frequency character and real –time character of audio data.
 - Transmission of High-end audio quality and supply of perfect wireless solution about stereo sound without confusion with neighboring wireless devices

3. Miles – PDU
Miles is Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System. We have been developed wireless protocol by participating in the ‘MILES’ Project of Korea Army.

PDU of MILES solution provided by YUSUNG C&C has convenient hardware without OS by using ARM CPU and it is optimized for Miles by fast arithmetic. PDU conducts the core role of Miles operation by controlling 6 serial communication (GPS, Local area network SRF, IRDA, Body sensor, Remote sensor).

4. Environment – NDIR(Non-dispersion infrared ray) Co2 gas sensor
Non-dispersion infrared ray sensor module has developed Optical Common Material, PCB without any noise and revision Algorithm. The light emitted from source of light is made up of special structure collected as always detector by reflecting in oval mirror and has unique algorithm revising temperature and humidity at the same time.
And we have the below 4 patents of sole optical Common structure

  • Non-dispersion infrared ray gas sensor with oval type reflection material
  • Union structure of optical gas sensor
  • Non-dispersion infrared ray gas sensor with sub reflection material
  • Optical gas sensor with a function of collecting optical rays

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