HD Screen Resolution without cutting off VIEWSENDER is Show a video through the wireless transmission solution which is fast, stable and new.
Wireless VIEWSENDER makes the product suitable for home entertainments and business purpose.
With faster data transfer rates than Wi-Fi, you’re ensured strong and reliable wireless data signals.
We gurantee no Wifi interference at all!
:: Features
Easy wireless link from PC to all HDTV & Projector
Wireless A/V transmission to HDTV and projector etc.
Overcome inconvenience of cable in the room
Supporting VGA, HDMI and Audio interface
Without interference using 3.1GHz ~ 4.8GHz
Uses interference free band 3.1GHz ~ 4.8GHz
Use MICRO USB 5PIN Power (same as Smartphone)
:: Excellent Application
Presentation by connecting HDTV or projector on business meeting
Enjoying entertainment such as Movie, Internet searching and music listening etc. at home
Utilizing multimedia educational contents more effectively at the school
* Viewsender Driver
:: Specifications
Maximum resolution 1280x1024, 1440x900(wide)
Frequency band 3.1GHz~4.8GHz
TX power below -14dBm
Power consumption of RX 3.7W
Power consumption of TX 1W
Maximum transportation distance 10 meter
Power 5 pin micro USB adaptor
:: System requirements :: Output connector
. Microsoft Windows Vista (32Bit and 64Bit)
. Microsoft Windows 7 (32Bit and 64Bit)
. Microsoft Windows Vista (32Bit and 64Bit)
. Microsoft Windows XP SP3
. Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
. Apple Mac OS X 10.4/10.5
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